Deedlebug Cat Rescue

Rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens in need


Deedlebug Cat Rescue assists cats and kittens in need. After rescue, we rehabilitate and rehome them. We also assist families in financial stress with the costs of desexing and microchipping.


At Deedlebug, we carefully match our kitties with their new owners, to ensure they can put their best paw forward! All cats and kittens are rehomed on a two-week trial and we give all adoptive owners as much advice and support they need for a successful adoption.


Fostering cats and kittens in need is incredibly rewarding. All vet costs are covered by our rescue, so please consider applying to join our devoted team!


All our cats and kittens receive all their core vetwork (desexing, microchipping, up-to-date vaccination and flea/worm treatment) before they are rehomed. Many of our kitties also come to us needing additional vet care for acute or chronic conditions.


Deedlebug is committed to addressing cat over-population through our ‘Last litter’ program, where mother cats are desexed and microchipped in return for their kittens being surrendered to the rescue (who are then vetworked and rehomed). Deedlebug also work tirelessly to educate the wider public about the humane treatment of cats, how to best assist lost and stray cats, and the benefits of keeping cats indoors/in secure enclosures both for the safety of cats and to protect native wildlife.


If you need advice on finding your lost cat, or have found a stray kitty, Deedlebug is happy to help where possible.

As of June 2022 we have rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed


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